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Felicity Logan


Felicity is known in the pole world for

her signature ‘slow motion impossible

looking deadlifts’ and seems to have

the ability to make the hardest tricks

look effortless.


In this workshop she will guide you

through all of her favourite tricks and

how to make each one look graceful

and beautiful.


Felicity believes in taking your time to

execute pole tricks and completing

each one fully before changing to the

next movement. Pole is magical and it

should look this way.



Learn the fundamentals of contortion. This workshop differs to a regular stretch class as we focus more on the art of contortion. There will

be a variety of useful stretches to allow you to gain flexibility in all those tight areas. Tricks practice will follow which will include forearm stands, handstands and needle scales.


This is designed for baby contortionists who are at the beginning of their journey and simply do not know where to start or for those who are

curious about this beautiful art. It is tailored to all levels and can be beneficial for first timers or even the more experienced who want extra guidance or new stretches to add to their repertoire.


Felicity has studied and taught contortion for many years now and is passionate about safe training. She always encourages her students to

improve and excel but at the same time respecting their bodies limits.


Her aim is to help you work well with your own body and assist you to

truly listen.



In ‘Exotic Goddess’ Felicity will share her love for mesmerising sensual pole dance. During this ninety-minute class we learn a creative routine that focuses on fluidity and snake like movement.


She will teach you smooth base transitions, slinky floor work and unique exotic floor tricks. There are modifications and suitable tricks to suit all levels and body types. A flexible spine is not essential.


A workshop not to be missed for an aspiring exotic pole dancer.


*Knee pads and heels are required*



In this workshop Felicity will teach you some of her signature Floor tricks and transitions which include her captivating ‘Slow motion’ floor kips.


She will focus on sensual wavy leg base handstands, forearm stands and her favourite shoulder roll variations.

There will be lots of unique tricks and transitions to take away and use in your own choreography.


(Extreme flexibility is not a requirement)


*Heels and knee pads are a must*

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