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  • Form-fitting shorts and any vest top/sports bra. T-shirts and leggings can be worn during warm up, however the lack of exposed skin on the thighs and armpit would make them unsuitable for the pole section of class.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELLERY. It will damage the poles.

  • Do not wear moisturiser on your body on class day as this will cause you to slip and additionally leave a residue on the pole.

  • Heels are not required other than for our heel-specific classes, however if you would like to wear them in tricks class we do allow this (apart from Fundamentals). Check with your instructor to make sure you will not require bare feet. You may see our instructors teach in heels from time to time also! But we do not expect you to do the same unless you wish.

  • Knee pads are recommended for sensitive knees or floor work classes.

  • Bring water and a towel to stay hydrated and keep your pole clean!



A: We use our skin to grip the poles. We offer a range of poles – some people prefer chrome and others brass. We also have standard 45mm as well as some 40mm poles for people with smaller hands! If your hands become slippery or you are prone to sweat, we can help you find products to improve your grip on the pole.



A: Not at all. You can pole dance even if you've never been to a dance class before. We assume that our absolute beginners have no dance experience at all. We'll teach you all the basics. 



A: Absolutely not! Strength and flexibility is improved upon from day 1. You do not need any background in fitness to attend our classes. We design our pole dance lessons to include conditioning and stretching – this may be on the pole or it may be partner work or strength training. We want to develop your pole skills over time and safely. It doesn’t matter where you start from, all we aim to do is make you better than you were last week. Progress is measured in millimetres and not miles. We aim to facilitate YOUR pole journey! Whatever that looks like for you.



You must be booked into class in advance to guarantee a spot in the class. You can book into classes via Bookeo. Please see our How To Book Online page for step by step instructions on how to book your regular classes.

All memberships, classes and class packages are non-refundable.

Because we are a small business and there is often high demand for our classes, we must enforce a strict cancellation, no-show and tardiness policy. There are absolutely no refunds given for missed classes or late cancellations. You can cancel your class via Bookeo up to 24 hours before the start of your class which will allow you to reallocate that class. After this time however cancellations will be classed as ‘late cancel’. We save a space for you in the class you booked and it is your responsibility to ensure you attend.


For those with Unlimited Memberships / Packages, regular no shows will be noted via the Bookeo system. If you repeatedly are unable to attend your booked classes and give less than the 24 hour notice window, then Leeds Pole Dance Studio reserves the right to suspend membership for the unlimited booking option.



If you arrive after the class start time, you will not be able to join the class under any circumstances. You will be considered a "Late Cancel" and result in forfeiture of the class. Unlimited members will be classed as above and this will result in a Late Cancel notice.

Whilst we realise lateness is sometimes outside of anyone's control, it is our duty to ensure your safety in class and therefore the attendance of the full warm up is mandatory. Please make sure you leave enough time for potential traffic or other issues when travelling to the studio. If you are late, then you are missing the most important part of the class. The warm-up increases muscle efficiency, reduces potential for injuries, and prepares your body for the movements being performed in class. Your health and safety is our number one priority, therefore, this policy must be enforced.


Leeds Pole Dance Studio has minimum age requirements for all of our classes. Students must be at least 18 in order to join our classes on their own. Minors over the age of 14 years old are able to attend our adult classes with consent of a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must come in with any persons under the age of 18 to provide a valid form of identification. Once done, minors are allowed to take the classes on their own and book as they wish without the parent or guardian present. Leeds Pole Dance Studio instructors will maintain the right to dismiss the underage students if they are deemed to be hindering the progress of the adult class.


Leeds Pole Dance Studio strongly believes in being a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. All classes are open to all genders. All individuals are more than welcome to book private lessons, group classes, attend events or rent the studio. We believe in equal opportunities and building a safe and strong community.



We do not allow the use of phones to text and call during class unless pre-agreed by your instructor (for individuals on call or if there is a special reason). We do however allow filming yourself for your development and future progress.


Safety is our highest concern. During class you will be given safety instructions and points which are crucial. Please pay attention to your instructor and fellow classmates at all times. We do not allow the use of phones to text and call as a distraction may result in injury or misunderstanding key points.


Our studio operates on a two-per-pole policy which means that in a class with more students than the amount of poles available you might be required to share with another student. Sharing a pole has shown to be a more effective way of exercising as it results in using your time more efficiently. For safety reasons it is also beneficial to have another person nearby at all times in case of any potential slips or loss of grip.


Please note that under no circumstances are students allowed to spot other students unless specifically asked to by the instructor in charge of the class. 


In class students are at all time required to:

  • treat other students and LPDS staff members with respect

  • inform your instructor prior to class about any illness or injuries, even if considered mild

  • refrain from practicing moves other than the current move being taught unless specifically approved by the instructor

  • clean whatever equipment you have used during class with the alcohol solution provided

  • pay attention to the instructor at all times and not interrupt or cause disruption whilst a move is being demonstrated and explained

  • avoid distracting other students during exercise and whilst performing moves requiring concentration 

  • be respectful of the time spent on pole when sharing, all students should get equal share of the equipment

  • drop any used pole cloths in the designated area by reception and under no circumstance put them in the clean towel box

  • make sure any rubbish and empty plastic bottles are disposed of in the bins located by reception and in the bathroom/changing room

  • assure all personal possessions have been taken before leaving the studio, LPDS does not accept any responsibility for lost or missing items

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