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Jakub Kolasa


The ultimate exotic tricks workshop! We will be focusing on pole tricks strictly related to exotic pole that you will be able to use in routines in the future.


Master dozens of different kips, handstands, splits, knee drops, fish flops, you name it!


This workshop will be taught in accordance to the group's level. Heels and knee pads necessary.



WARNING: Workshop too hot for your own good!


Learn a badass Jakub style exotic routine a.k.a. boss ass kip bitch meets heel clacks meets fluidity meets dance like you're broke and your rent is due tomorrow. 


Workshop suitable for all levels (difficult tricks will have their easier alternatives, so anyone can complete the routine). Heels and knee pads required.



In addition to the above, Jakub will be teaching his renowned stretch classes, with assistance from Loveday, to help you recover at the end of a long day's pole.

Geared more towards recovery and rest, as well as helping you to work into your natural range of motion, these evening classes will allow you to dissolve the day's tension and be ready for tomorrow.

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