Doris Arnold


Don’t miss Doris’s best-selling workshop! A sexy choreo class with the pole but no tricks, solely devoted to the sensual side of pole.


Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and you’ll love it! Even the very beginners will feel comfortable thanks to Doris’s methods. 


NO, this is not an “effeuillage” nor a burlesque or a “glamour style” class, this is a real strip tease class! The one and only!


No hypocrisy, no taboo, both provocative, sweet and funny.


Enchanting as well as sexy and sophisticated, Doris will reveal all her secrets to become a real pro without even realising it.


This class does have a real healing effect as

everyone is having fun, cheering each other on and embracing their sexiest side.


This workshop was created especially to teach you Doris’s signature style through tricks, spins and combos of her own creation.


Come and take on the challenge, Doris will guide you to master all her tricks as perfectly and elegantly as she does.


This technical class will enable you to learn tricks and spins from beginner through to advanced level. Doris will give you all the tips and secrets to master the tricks you’ve been dreaming of! If you wish to improve your grip and perfect your lines, this class is made for you!