Little Dee


On this workshop you will be learning some of Dee's favourite Exotic Spin combos!


Working on a spinny combo finishing with an exotic transition & vice versa!


You will love this class combining tricks and transitions, where spinny pole meets exotic! 


This workshop will start with a long leg stretch, where Dee will show you some of her favourite stretches to achieve your best splits!


Followed by some of Dee’s favourite split tricks on the base & at the top of the pole. You do not need to have splits to take this class,


Dee will be helping you work on these moves so that you are able to open up over time!


Ever wondered what's the secret to keep the momentum all way throughout your spinny moves? On this workshop you will receive all your answers!


Dee will be sharing her secrets on how to create & control momentum on spinny pole and the best ways to overcome dizziness!


On this workshop you will be working on a single combination of tricks, which will transition through the mount and dismount and learning to maintain your spin throughout.


Starting with a slinky warm up to get in the mood, this class will be working through a set floor choreography full of technique tips to improve your wavy legs and shoulder roll transitions.