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Never done pole before?

If you have never pole danced before, we run 6 week long Fundamentels courses to kick-start your pole journey! Everybody is welcome and encouraged to give pole a go regardless of previous fitness experience, size, age or gender identity. In the Fundamentals course we teach you all the basics of pole (grips, spins, tricks, climbs and lifts), so that you are ready to continue with further levels of pole and the full range of various classes available!


There is absolutely no previous sport or fitness experience required, we will build your strength up gradually as you progress. The cost of the course is £60 for 6 weeks (1 class per week) and the classes are one hour long. To check the availability in our upcoming courses, please click the 'Book Now' button above and create an account on our booking system. After logging in, please select 'New Booking', then 'Courses and events' and all our upcoming intakes will appear. Please choose the most suitable day for your schedule as you will be attending the same day and time each week for the full duration of the course. Fundamentals are our only set courses, all future classes are booked individually via drop-in or pre-paid credits so you have full control over what days, times and the frequency you wish to attend. 

I've completed fundamentals - what's next?

Once you've completed your Fundamentals course you can continue your pole journey in our Improvers and Mixed Abilities pole classes. You are also free to join any of our flexibility, choreo and conditioning classes! For more info on the variety of classes we offer, please click here. For details on booking class packages and drop-in lessons, please see the 'Previous pole experience?' section below.

Previous pole experience?

Do you have previous experience in pole, but don't know which of our classes would be most suitable for you? Check out our Class Descriptions tab for more info on the material covered in each level as well as the requirements for our Intermediate and above classes. If you are still unsure, we recommend booking one of our Mixed Abilities classes which cater to all levels from Improvers to Advanced and notifying the instructor at the beginning of class, so that they can guide you appropriately.

All our classes (apart from the Fundamentals course) can be booked via drop-in or pre-paid credits. Pre-paid packages are a fantastic opportunity to lower the cost of your classes with options available ranging from 4-class packages to unlimited class packages.

For a walkthrough on how to book via pre-paid packages, please click here.

backstage_leeds_malowanieswiatlem_0042 (1).JPG

Leeds Pole Dance Studio was founded in 2016 by Jakub and Caroline and has quickly grown to be a staple studio on the international pole dance scene. Based in Bramley, Leeds, we are a fully equipped, dedicated establishment offering the highest quality coaching in pole dance & fitness, heels, flexibility, contortion, handstands and strength & conditioning. With an impressive team of nine fully qualified and insured instructors, most of whom compete on a national and international level, you can be sure you are in the right hands to come and get fit the fun way!


Our instructors are highly enthusiastic and friendly. As well as competing, performing and teaching, they hold a range of sports and pole fitness qualifications. Our main goal is to offer a welcoming, judgement-free space to all people. We truly believe pole is for everybody regardless of previous dance and fitness experience, size, age & gender identity. Safety is our number one priority. We aim to deliver classes that are safe, fun and informative, so we can help you be empowered, strong and love the skin you're in! 

Click here to book now and visit our beautiful venue! Leeds Pole Dance Studio can take you from the very beginning levels right through to pro-poler. You don't need any dance or fitness experience to join! We take care of your learning and class planning so you can focus on enjoying your pole journey and becoming a stronger, more confident you. Are you ready to fly with us?



Caroline Arundel


Caroline has been poling since 2012. She has been a pole addict since her very first class. As well as being a Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer, Caroline has a multitude of competition and performing achievements and placed in some of the largest competitions both in and outside of the UK including; Pole Theatre UK, Pole Theatre Japan, Exotic Generation, Authentics Pole, Pole Princess and Dance Filthy to name a few. Caroline's heels flow, sensuality and grace is her hallmark and you can expect to find plenty of this in her classes! Caroline has also been a brand ambassador for X-POLE and along with Katie she forms half of the incredible duo Loveday & Birdy, performing and competing both nationally and internationally.

Sarah Frost


Sarah has been in love with pole & aerial for years and we can confidently say that LPDS is her second home (we're sure her husband would argue it's the other way around!). She is one of the most passionate and patient people we've ever met, which you can instantly notice in her classes, all of her students absolutely adore her! Sarah teaches brand new fundamentals and improvers pole courses making more and more people fall in love with this beautiful discipline daily! She's also qualified to teach aerial yoga and passionate about all things off the floor.



Jakub Kolasa


Jakub has been poling since 2012 and has since become an internationally recognised, award-winning pole instructor and athlete. Jakub specialises in heels work and flexibility. Additionally to being a pole ninja, he's also a trained ballroom and contemporary dancer, which helped develop his unique, eye-catching style. Jakub has travelled the world competing in pole and earning himself the titles of 3x National Pole Sports Champion, European Pole Art Champion, Global Runner-Up of the Felix Cane Pole Championships, Men's Champion + Overall Winner of Exotic Generation UK and Pole Idols Heel'ography Winner of Elite Pole Championships 2023. Jakub is also a Master Trainer for XPERT Fitness, coaching and certifying future insturctors to teach.

June Poon



June is a bendy superstar! After just a few years and a lot of hard work stretching, June is arguably the most flexible member of the LPDS team. June's passion is bringing flexibility to the pole and helping her students get bendier! She's also a wonderful and patient instructor, with a wealth of knowledge on how to execute beautiful moves. June has a number of national and international performance experiences including being a finalist of Pole Theatre Japan!



Katie Hilton-Bird


Katie is a fitness freak and we love her! As well as working full time in sports & fitness, Katie spends her evenings teaching and dancing at Leeds Pole Dance Studio. A tomboy as a child, Katie has wowed everyone and become the perfect mix of strength and grace. Katie is our resident handstand expert and a true cheerleader for her students. She loves nothing more than seeing students pick up new tricks and smashing their goals! Along with Caroline she forms half of the incredible duo Loveday & Birdy, performing and competing nationally and internationally. With numerous titles in the Bodybuilding and Bikini Fitness industry, Katie has used her knowledge to develop Fit Theory Training offering training and nutrition plans to help people reach their overall health and fitness goals.

David Balcer-Whittle



David is our resident superhero, whose immense skills have earned him multiple National titles as well as an incredible online career (if you've ever seen someone doing archery whilst on the pole - that would've been him!) and 4x 'YES' at his audition for Britain's Got Talent! David's incredible knowledge, personality and creativity make his classes not only super fun, but also explorative, developmental! 


Ting Lee


Ting is our resident contemporary Queen and movement specialist. Ting is a graduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and loves experimenting with different styles of dance and flow, which are a massive benefit to the students of her 'Intro to Heels' classes. This helps our dancers find their own unique style. You can also always count on Ting to discover beautiful aerial pole shapes (and provide snacks - she always has plenty!).




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Getting Here:

Once you've reached St Catherine's Business Centre, please look for the door opposite the car park ramp, under the shared sign between us and LB Academy. Once entered, please go through the door at the very end of the corridor, behind LB Academy's reception desk.

Our Address:

St Catherines Business Complex, Broad Ln, Leeds LS13 2TD

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