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Leeds Pole Dance Studio was founded in 2016 by Jakub and Caroline and has quickly grown from a regular slot at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds city centre to a fully equipped, dedicated studio based in Bramley, Leeds. With five instructors, most of whom compete on a national and international level, you can be sure you are in the right hands to come and get fit the fun way!


Both Jakub and Caroline have travelled to compete and perform in places such as Australia, Tokyo, London, Poland, Croatia and many more. They are dedicated and passionate instructors with a wealth of industry experience. 


Our instructors are highly enthusiastic and friendly. As well as competing, performing and teaching, they hold a range of sports and pole fitness qualifications.

Our classes are designed to be safe, fun and informative, so we can help you be empowered, strong and love the skin you're in!

Book now to visit our beautiful studio and come dance with us! Leeds Pole Dance Studio is fully equipped to take you from the very beginning levels right through to pro poler. You don't need any dance or fitness experience to join us! We take care of your learning and class planning so you can focus on enjoying your pole journey with us, and becoming a stronger, more confident you. Are you ready to fly with us?


Caroline Arundel


Caroline has been poling for 7 years and teaching for 4. She has been an addict since her very first lesson and spends most of her free time hanging upside down and spinning around. Caroline has lots of competition and performing achievements in some of the largest competitions both in and outside of the UK including Pole Theatre UK, Pole Theatre Japan & Dance Filthy to name a few. Caroline's flow and grace is her hallmark and you can expect to find plenty of this in her classes!

Jakub Kolasa



Jakub is a Pole Dance artist, athlete and co-owner of LPDS. Additionally to being a pole ninja, he is also a trained ballroom & contemporary dancer, which helped develop his unique eye-catching style. Jakub has  travelled the world competing in pole and earning himself 3 National Champion titles, 1 European Champion title and even the title of World Runner-Up!

Katie Hilton-Bird


Katie is a fitness freak and we love her. As well as working full time in Sports & Fitness, Katie spends her evenings at Leeds Pole Dance Studio teaching regular pole tricks as well as strength moves. A tomboy as a child, Katie has wowed everyone to become the perfect mix of femininity and strength. Katie is a true cheerleader for her students and loves nothing more than seeing members pick up new tricks and smashing their goals!  

Sarah Frost



Sarah has been in love with pole & aerial for years and we can confidently say that LPDS is her second home (we're sure her husband would argue it's the other way around!). She is one of the most passionate and patient people we've ever met, which you can instantly notice in her classes, all of her students absolutely adore her! Sarah teaches brand new fundamentals and improvers pole courses making more and more people fall in love with this beautiful discipline daily! She's also qualified to teach aerial yoga and passionate about all things off the floor.

June Poon



June is a bendy superstar! After just a few years and a lot of hard work stretching, June is arguably the most flexible member of the LPDS team. June's passion is bringing flexibility to the pole and helping you guys get bendier! She's also a wonderful and patient instructor, with a wealth of knowledge on how to execute beautiful moves. June is looking at competing much more in the coming years as a result of her recent success as a finalist in Pole Theatre Japan. 

Gina Trace



Gina is our resident sparkly mermaid. After starting pole dance at university, she quickly fell in love with the exotic and dance side of the art. Gina spends as much time as possible dancing and training and now competes at national level as often as she can. Gina is a passionate and patient instructor and excited to introduce the power of pole dance to the world, which means she gives her all in every class. Teaching flexibility, pole tricks and exotic routines, Gina has something for everyone!



Getting Here:

We have moved units to just next door! We are directly opposite the ramp from the carpark and through the door under the "Premier Martial Arts" sign.

Our Address:

St Catherines Business Complex, Broad Ln, Leeds LS13 2TD

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