Class Descriptions

Our Fundamentals courses are for brand new beginners to pole. You will learn a combination of floorwork and pole moves to give you a foundation for what's to come!


Wear shorts and a t-shirt with bare feet.


Once you've completed Fundamentals, you'll be ready for our Improvers class. Begin building on what you've previously learned and start working on more complicated moves and combinations.

Improvers Pole

We're ready to start going upside down and working more on your inversions! Now you're really starting to build your strength and flexibility and work on tougher moves. You'll start building your strength and fitness to spend longer in the air and up the pole.

Intermediate Pole

Beginning to defy gravity, Advanced will take you from high intermediate to pro poler! Strengthening and lengthening to achieve some of the hardest moves in pole, this is a real workout! You'll link more complicated and technical moves to stun and impress! But the journey doesn't stop here, with hundreds of moves to learn, you'll be sure to find your own style and favourite moves and have the confidence to begin linking your own combinations.

Advanced Pole

Ever wanted a bendier back to make your moves more beautiful? This is the class for you! With a focus on strengthening and lengthening the abdominals to achieve deeper bends, you'll be sure to see positive results in your pole practice too!


Open those hips and strengthen those legs to achieve jaw-dropping lines in your pole moves. This class will push you to use your active flexibility and strength to build beautiful splits in the air and on the floor!

Stretching for Splits

Hair flicks and high heels at the ready, discover the world of sexy dance. There is minimal polework and this class is suitable from Improvers right the way up. Learn a new routine each month to music, begin working on floorwork skills and tricks so that you can combine these skills with your polework and build entire routines of your own.


You will want kneepads and heels for this class.

Exotic Pole

A new flow routine each month set to music. Learn graceful floorwork in this class to bring lyrical and contemporary dance to the pole. Learn to dance from the heart!


Kneepads are recommended for this class.


A free class for LPDS members running most Fridays! You can book in via Bookeo, you will not be charged for this class but you MUST have an active membership with LPDS to be able to attend.


A one hour free practice followed by freestyle sessions. There is no need to be nervous! If you've ever felt like honing your performance skills then this is a wonderful opportunity to perform to your friends and develop your confidence and freestyle skills. All with a supportive and friendly community behind you to cheer all the way!

Freestyle Friday