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What Is The Point Of It All?

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things, all the bad things…

Okay, time to come out of the 90’s. Let’s talk about why exercise is literally SO DAMNED IMPORTANT and what exactly that has to do with sex.

Our bodies are not designed to live the way we do. We work harder than ever, we have more services provided to us than ever and we travel the world more than ever. We’re also moving less than ever.

Stagnation is literally killing us and if it doesn’t kill us we spend more of our lives in chronic pain than ever before. Studies of the few remaining tribes-people in the world indicate that westernised individuals suffer more discomfort, mental health issues and have more physical health issues (such as obesity, diabetes and cancers) than our more natural-living cousins, yet our expected lifespan is similar. We also spend more of our lives being weak AF and sore than they do, despite the fact that we have greater access to medicines, treatments and sleep in actual warm beds every night. (for any interested parties read The Awakened Ape by Paul Brion – a HUGELY insightful book on exactly this topic).

Movement and muscular activation is exactly what we were born to do! By nature, we are physical beings. So why do we have such a difficult relationship with exercise? Well, our reasons for doing it simply aren’t good enough.

Here are some of the most common reasons to exercise;

1. Looking good on The Gram

2. Dem Gainz, even though poor form is f*cking my back. Who needs a spine after 30 anyway (amirite)?

3. To look hot in a bikini

4. Because I know deep down inside of me that I should so imma drag my ass to class

5. Because everyone else is doing it

Okay, it’s not that these are inherently “bad” reasons to exercise. Honestly, anything that gets you off your butt is a good reason to exercise. For a lot of people, looking good is often where it all begins and THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT at the start. The issue is motivation. Eventually, lifestyle wins and we fall back on old habits. After a little while, we need better, bigger reasons to keep us going when the going gets tough (and we CBA and it’s winter anyway and really, who gives a damn about six packs).

None of the above reasons will provide sufficient motivation and keep your interest levels up long enough to have you living your best life every single day between now and forever. And breathe. That’s a long sentence, but it’s a very important one.

With that in mind, here are some BETTER reasons to exercise;

1. Because you are a goddamn Queen and your body deserves to be loved and nourished and strong

2. Because it’s the ultimate act of self-love

3. Because being able to do awesome shit with your body is, well, AWESOME!

4. To create your ideal body both aesthetically and functionally

If we can achieve one thing today, it’s to change how you think about your relationship with training. It’s about your overall WELLBEING. It’s about feeling strong and connected and healthy and just taking care of you. It’s about being in touch with your body and being nourished by movement and the satisfaction of things working with fluidity and ease. It's about feeling (with the added benefit of looking) good naked and cultivating practices that have you feeling good for life. Finding true health and true balance.

Just because you were born in the concrete jungle (as opposed to the actual jungle), along with all its many, many privileges, does not mean you have to engage in the sedentary lifestyle that we adopt as a society.

You were born with incredible power and potential and societal norms are not a valid reason to let that go to waste. Your body craves and deserves proper physical nourishment. There is literally no substitute for the feeling of your body working as it was designed to, both on a mental and physical level. Not only will you feel strong, when you train right, you’ll also be flooding your brain with feel good chemicals AND ALL THAT IS SEXY AF (okay, we know, very tenuous link to sex, but we had to get you this far). But if that isn’t reason enough to get you moving for at least 30 minutes of intense physical activity every day - whether that’s coming to pole, the gym or grabbing your yoga mat - then we don’t know what is. It’s like cleaning your teeth, we’d be lying if we said it was always fun, but you just gotta go do it and not question it too much, or all your teeth fall out. So there you go – if you don’t exercise, you’ll have no teeth by 45.

But really, fake orthodontic reasons for exercising aside, just go. Go now! In real news, it’s one of the best things for your heart, muscles, vitality, wellbeing, state of mind and for your own self-love that you can do each day. It might not always be fun, especially if you’re human and find it hard to get going sometimes, but it will ALWAYS be worth it.

So LOVE YOSELF AND LIFT YOUR WEIGHTS! COZ YOU DEPEND ON YOU (all the women who are independent – throw your hands up at me).

Also – did we just take Destiny’s Child lyrics and try to force them into a positive message for engaging in regular exercise that doesn’t quite work? Yes we did.

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