Ultimate School of Filth
24th - 27th July 2020


HAVE YOU HEARD? Leeds Pole Dance Studio is hosting THE ULTIMATE SCHOOL OF FILTH! This action packed camp is an intensive education in all things nasty gal (or guy!).
Including 3.5 days of pole tuition from world class instructors and performers, professional photoshoot, vegan/vegetarian friendly welcome dinner in the city of Leeds plus more!
This intensive experience is designed to target all the areas required to help make YOU the best, bad-assiest, flexible, strong, sexiest pole dancer you can be!
This weekender includes tricks, flexibility, choreo, lap dance, doubles, heels work and performance work plus a photoshoot with the incredible Tomasz Gas (AKA Malowanie Swiatlem). We’ve covered all your bases!
Join us to connect, dance, make friends, improve, learn & grow, all for £550. Payment plans are available! We are so excited to welcome you to our studio. Please feel free to message us with any questions or to secure your space!
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Felicity Logan

Felicity Logan is a professional pole artist and contortionist who began her story in a small town in Scotland. After always feeling like a big fish in a pond, she moved away from the conventional life and begun a new life as an exotic dancer, travelling around the world and dancing in more than fifteen different countries before the age of 25. On this incredible journey she gained inspiration, valuable knowledge and developed her own unique pole dance style.


Over the years Felicity has acquired a vast amount of titles such as : Pole theatre Sydney Overall Winner 2017, Miss Pole Dance Doubles Winner 2017, Dance filthy Australia Winner 2016, Pole Theatre UK classique Winner 2015, Mr and Miss Pole Scotland elite 2014 & Miss Pole dance UK runner up 2012/2013. Felicity is known internationally for her unique sensual style which she mixes with contortion to beautiful effect. Her philosophy is that any dream can be achieved provided you have strong passion and determination. As a teacher Felicity is calm, patient and encouraging. She cares for her students and strives to help them reach their full potential.

Doris Arnold

Doris is professionally trained in ballet, modern, African, hip-hop and ballroom and also worked as a stripper for ten years.


In 2008 Doris discovered pole dancing could be an art form and started teaching. As one of the French pioneers, Doris decided to devote herself entirely to this passion by creating her first studio and in 2010 began travelling to various studios abroad in order to pursue her training.


Doris has won the 2013 French Pole Dance championship and has been awarded European championship runner-up. She has also placed multiple times in international competitions and was a finalist in the 2014 world pole dance championship.


Doris is renowned internationally for her unique style mixing strength, fluidity and sensuality.

Nowadays, Doris travels to pole and exotic dance events as a showgirl, judge and guest performer.


Her past as a stripper and her passion for the erotic arts mean Doris is able to lead fun, body positive classes which will teach you how to find your own inner confidence and sex appeal. Doris makes classes fun and delivers skills you can apply to your own training, whilst teaching you the tricks and tips behind her sensual and unique style.


Her goal is to offer a new vision of sport and the art of movement to develop well-being, self-confidence whilst being entertaining and informative.

Little Dee.jpg
Little Dee

Diana AKA "Little Dee" is a contortionist who can shift shapes on any surface whether it is the floor, pole or chair...

Dee has no background in dancing or gymnastics whatsoever, she gained flexibility through pole dancing. She fell in love with pole 6 years ago and became an Xpert pole instructor in 2015.

She has been competing and performing since 2016, when she received an invitation to compete at IPSF, for her to realise that her love lies with Pleasers. Some of the competitions she's been part of are; Midlands Pole championships, FloorPlay, Yorkshire Pole Championships, Pole Theatre Italy, and Authentic's Winner 2018.

Loveday & Birdy

Loveday & Birdy are an exotic dance duo from Yorkshire, UK. Loveday is co-owner of Leeds Pole Dance Studio alongside Jakub Kolasa. Birdy is LPDS’s very first additional instructor. Having discovered the magic of double pole and exotic, Loveday & Birdy began experimenting bringing the two styles together to create beautiful flowing routines incorporating both doubles tricks and combos with a whole lot of floor fuckery. As ambassadors of all things filthy, sensual and erotic, Loveday & Birdy perform together at events nation-wide including burlesque festivals, shows and fetish events amongst others. They also judge and guest perform at competitions.


Combining their knowledge of pole alongside Loveday’s experience as a stripper and Birdy’s knowledge as a Personal Trainer and fitness coach, Loveday & Birdy deliver classes that focus on both movement quality as well as strength building techniques.


With an emphasis on good old-fashioned nasty girl fun, Loveday & Birdy will teach you all the tricks and tips of exotic, erotic performance.

Jakub Kolasa

Jakub has been pole dancing since 2012 with a 6 year background in Latin Ballroom and Contemporary Dance. This experience has helped develop his unique, eye-catching style and choreography skills the pole world was quick to fall in love with. 


His love of performing has earned him several prestigious international titles, including:

- Exotic Generation '19 Male Division Winner & Overall Professional Champion

- Felix Cane Championships '16 Runner-Up

- European Pole Art Champion 

- 3x National Pole Sports Champion 


Jakub is known for his patience, in-depth teaching style and badass routines, which he is extremely excited to share with you at The Ultimate School of Filth! 

As well as training from the above instructors, we are also offering (included in the price) a
photoshoot session with the incredible Tomasz Gas.
Click here to see some of his work!

Tomasz Gas or as we more commonly know him in the pole world - Malowanie Swiatlem (painting
with light) is one of our industry's most sought after photographers! His talent, creativity and
impeccable attention to detail have turned what started out as a hobby into his full-time career and
he's been killing it ever since!

Tomasz has been the lead photographer for many of the world's top pole events, competitions,
workshops and camps. We at LPDS are absolutely obsessed with his work, but do you know who
else is? Every Pole Star on the planet! Some of the jaw-dropping pole sensations he's had the
opportunity to work with include:

Màrion Crampe - Pink Puma - Olga Spezia - Sasha Meow -  Maddie Sparkle - Natalia Tatarintseva -
Slava Ruza - Dimitry Politov and many, many more!

Tomasz will not only capture all the beautiful moments you'll get to experience during our classes and
evening shenanigans at The Ultimate School of Filth, each participant will also get a mini photo-shoot
with him as a part of the camp package! To say we're excited would be an understatement! 

Come join us for the hottest summer camp in the UK and leave with world-class photos to cement all
the wonderful memories we are sure to create!

Also included in the price is your welcome meal at a beautiful vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant in
the heart of Leeds! Get to know your fellow campers, meet with your instructors and join us for a fun
filled evening of great food and great company!